Uploading Music Using Your Smart Phone

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Uploading music to enjoy anywhere you wish is one of the many perks of owning a smartphone. You’re never again held hostage to what’s playing on the radio – or worse yet – what someone else is playing on the radio. While uploading and enjoying music with smartphones is relatively simple (your little sister can probably do it), the complexity of these phones, the software they use and the vast array of music formats available sometimes lead to unexpected glitches. When it seems your music isn’t uploading or playing correctly, take a deep breath and run through a little trouble shooting exercise.

Know Your Phone

Smartphones have a lot in common, and unless you’re familiar with the specific brand of the phone and its platform, they can all seem exactly alike. But, they’re not. Blackberry phones have differences from other types, even though they seem to work in much the same way. Know what platform your phone is using (what operating system or OS is has) and be sure to upload music that is formatted for that platform.

Know Your Music Sources

Music files, or any audio file for that matter, are not created equally. Every file is stored under a specific format. Common formats you see include MP3 (there are two types of MP3 files, 320 and VBR), FLAC, ALAC, AAC and Ogg Vorbis. Only a serious audiophile needs to be concerned with the technical differences among these file types, but average users need to be aware of which formats their phones support and which they don’t. When downloading from the app store that belongs to your phone service, this is never going to be a problem. All the files in your phone’s store should be compatible with all their phones. But if you’re uploading from a computer, you’ll need to decide what file types your phone supports so you’re only uploading music that is compatible with your phone.

Have the Right Equipment

When uploading music from a PC or other computer, be sure to use the USB cables or other connections included with your phone or sold by the manufacturer of your phone. Using the wrong connectors can deliver the wrong voltages and cause permanent hardware damage to your phone and/or the computer. Most smartphones come with USB or similar connection cable. If the original cable was lost or damaged, buy a new one from the company where you got your phone or an authorized dealer of that company.

Be Aware of Memory Usage

It’s easy to fill up your phone with music files, especially if you also download a lot of apps, games and other files. Most smartphones allow you to view files that are taking up the most memory on the phone. If memory begins to fill, or the phone becomes extremely slow, delete music files that you’re finished with to save space for new uploads and other apps you enjoy.

If it is necessary to contact customer service regarding your smartphones and music uploads, get the phone and user’s manual ready before calling or initiating an online chat

Store for Your Music Files easily on your phone

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Its fun to stream music to your phone from online websites, but you won’t have total control over the songs that are played. Store your own personal music files on your phone easily with various apps that are designed just for that purpose. Apps allow you to create playlists and use other features that put you in complete control over what you’re listening to; you’ll be in charge of the tunes you hear.

Transferring Files

You may have a huge selection of tunes on your computer, but very few on your phone. It’s easy to transfer files from one to the other, so there’s no reason you should go without. Many smartphones come with a USB cable with one end that plugs into the phone itself. The other end of the cable can be placed in the computer to facilitate easy transfer between the two. Newer smartphones don’t even need the cable; with Wi-Fi, they can connect right to your home computer. Download apps like myExplorer, which makes it very simple to establish a wireless connection between phone and computer for quick file-sharing.

Music Storage Apps

Use apps to store music and your favorite playlists easily on your phone. Some apps are phone-specific, while others work across various platforms. Find one that works with your phone and start tuning in to your favorite tunes.

  • The mSpot Music app for Android phones makes it easy to upload music from your computer to your phone. The music is playable through the app, which monitors the folders and playlists you select. It will sync with your computer to automatically update your changes.
  • Use the Dropbox app to store your music. The files you store on the app can be accessed through your computer or phone any time. The changes you make to one will reflect on the other. Dropbox accepts any music file type.
  • The Audiogalaxy Web Interface app makes it easy to stream music from your phone. Access your favorite computer play lists from the app to stream them directly without copying, uploading or syncing.

Stay Entertained

Keep your music collection up-to-date with sites like www.hiphopdx.com. Album reviews, general music news, and information on new single releases will keep all your playlists fresh even without the aid of apps. Download music you discover on www.hiphopdx.com to your phone to keep your collection of songs exciting and new. You’ll have a reason to keep updating your playlists and keep playing with your music apps.

New Art Advertising for Your Business

Cost-Effective Advertising Options

Advertising for a business can be very expensive, especially when considering using the services of an advertising agency or other professional. There are many ways to advertise small and large businesses on a budget, and these will help to spread the word, generate more clients, and increase revenue.

Shopping Locally First

Print advertising, billboards, mailings, radio and television advertising is costly, and many small businesses simply can’t afford to keep up with competitors in the marketing department. However, there are often community events held in cities and towns that are designed to increase awareness about small businesses, and many individuals are more inclined to shop at a locally owned store than a large national chain. This helps keep their dollars within their own communities, which can help to invoke a sense of pride in many people. Current clients will usually refer friends and family members if they are happy with the service or product being offered, so excellent customer service is key when keeping current customers as well as adding new clientele.

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Saving Money While Increasing Revenue

Advertising is an important part of our society, and getting the name of the store or company out there is the key to success. Checking out blogs, forums, and other online resources, such as www.econmatters.com can provide additional insight into the best ways to market a business. Marketing can be one of the best ways to increase business and improve the financial situation in a tough economy.

Investment Opportunities

Small business owners can also find ways to invest and earn extra revenue for their businesses. Some companies even choose to offer investment opportunities to employees as part of their benefits package. Lower risk investments are usually ideal in these situations, although some employees might elect for higher risks which can often result in higher returns. Some investors may also choose to invest in a small business startup, so finding a backer can be very helpful in making ends meet as the company gets started and on its feet. Those who elect to invest in small companies can see high returns on their dollars if the company is successful. It is smart to do some careful research about the business prior to committing, such as looking into what competitors are already in existence, as well as how profitable the company seems, and the abilities of those involved in the startup.

Investing in the Future

Small business owners and investors alike can find great success in working together to get a business going. Spending a little money on advertising can be very beneficial in getting the word out about a new company, and if the business is successful, everyone who is involved can enjoy the experience.

Finding Reliable and Always Ready Fax Services

There’s nothing like having your own fax machine. You can send documents in a hurry without the annoyance of stuffing your documents into an envelope, putting an expensive stamp on there and going all the way to the mail box. Of course, there are downsides to having a fax machine, especially since facsimile machines are now very rare and require a landline phone service. Most people don’t have this, but there are faxing options.

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If all else fails, just scan your documents and send them to your recipient via email. It’s quick, almost universally usable, and only requires a scanner on your end and a printer on theirs. Of course, there are plenty of disadvantages to emailing something to someone.

For one thing, a lot of spam filters work overtime to keep out people who are offering you millions of dollars, “innocuous” messages that are in an executable format and cheap offers for prescription drugs. Those same spam filters might see your message with an attachment as another threat to the email account.

Also, there are faux pas regarding email that have nothing to do with the spam folder. Sometimes you click on an attachment and it just doesn’t work. If something like that happens to your message’s recipient, you just have to resend the message — that is if they remember to ask, in spite of their hundred other emails that day.


DropBox is great, provided that both you and your intended recipient have it. Of course, you have to make sure you set aside a specific folder that your recipient can easily tell is just for them. Naturally, you then have to share your DropBox password, which could provide your recipient with information that isn’t intended for them to see. Again, this is not a perfect option.

Online Faxing

Online faxing services tend to be the easiest methods of getting a message across without having to transcribe it into an email window. If you use Metrofax online fax services, you can do a lot of message-sending without having to worry about unnecessary complications getting in your way. While nothing is perfect — a scanner and printer are still necessary to make it easy — your recipient doesn’t have to negotiate with their spam filter, ask you to resend a few times or hook up any potentially difficult programs. The easier you make your message to receive, the more it’ll come through trouble-free.

How to Back Up Your Business Financial Data

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Just imagine examining a cluster of projections and percentages related to both the present and future of your business. Your company’s entire history sprawls within a financial program, offering proof of quarterly strength.

That strength suddenly fails in the wake of a computer crash. A monitor dies without dignity, and you’re left shrieking in the aftermath. The data is gone. What will you do?

If the notion of a back-up system is something you ignored, then you are in a very precarious position. Computer experts recommend that users never assume that platforms are infallible. They’re not, and the cost of learning that truth can be devastating. Saving information is as essential as choosing Touch financial. It must be done.

External Hard-Drive

Offering separate storage and certainty is the external hard-drive. This item – which isn’t connected directly to your operating system – provides a closed-circuit protection. Computer viruses, malware and more become ineffective to data stored within it. This guarantees success.

Online Office Suite

Ensuring digital copies and attachment ease are online office suites. These programs allow you to create documents, generate spreadsheets and chart out invoice financing reports — saving them to the server instead of your hard-drive. They remain on the Internet, accessible from any network.

Flash Drive

Providing convenience and speed is the flash drive. This storage device (defined by Universal Serial Bus technology) enables you to compile data – which can then be read from any computer. Immediacy defines the transfers and the estimated 100,000 rewrite cycles to ensure longevity.

Back-up systems are vital: protect your files now.

The Advantages of an External Hard Drive

In the current times of portable and downloadable media, there is a decrease in the need for discs to store data on. Increasingly, external hard drives have become the popular mode for a number of tasks, and they can serve as the primary location for your important files. Once expensive to purchase, they have now dropped to prices low enough that most users can afford them.

One of the best uses for an external drive is to back up your computer. You no longer have to use several discs. Instead, you can simply send your backup straight to the drive. This saves you both storage space and money spent on endless discs. The storage space on the drives has increased to give you plenty of space to keep your files safe.

You also have the advantage of being able to use your drive for entertainment purposes. This is essential if you have a computer crash or issues. When this happens, you have a safe copy of your files on an external drive. This makes the drive well worth the investment when you do not have to replace work that you have done or re-purchase lost media due to the problem.

If you love to download movies, books, and music from online or your premium satellite channels, you now have one spot to store them all. The external drive can hold an enormous amount of music and movie files. Some even hook to your computer or television. Visit http://www.direct.tv for information on this.

This gives you an entire collection of entertainment to choose from in one small package. It also frees up space on your computer, which will help it run more efficiently and faster. You no longer have to add extra memory to your computer because you can keep everything in one place. With all these advantages, external hard drives are fast becoming a basic accessory for the computer user.

Exploring Online Backup Options


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If you have ever had your computer crash, you know how important it is to have all of your documents and files backed up. These materials can include anything and everything from files to pictures and media files.

There are several different backup solutions that you can implement to help you recover your data from a potential crash. Let’s take a look at what is becoming one of the more popular solutions — online data storage.

In addition to trinsic.org, you can also check other sites such to find links to online backup sites. These sites will give you information about many low-cost, or even free sites. They will give you information on both personal and business backup options.

Research potential options completely. You will be trusting them with all of your important files, so make sure you understand all of the published terms and conditions. Read any customer feedback comments as well. You may be able to find ratings for these potential sites as well.

It is a wise idea to create a separate email address and account that will be used with this storage and back up option only. Each time you load or create a new file or document on your system, automatically send this file to your backup storage option. Make this a habit, so you can ensure that all of your files are being backed up. Check frequently to make sure that the files are loaded properly to your backup service.

Managing File Sharing

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Not too long ago, in the dark ages of computer technology, having an external hard drive to store your data was efficient. But in today’s computer world where many homes have more than one desktop and/or laptop, and where even small businesses have multiple computers, the need for file sharing technology and data storage goes beyond the needs of a single computer and the abilities of an external hard drive.

So whether you are looking to increase the data capacity for your home computing or your business, there are a great number of storage solutions available to you. Whatever your data storage need is there is a system designed to fit it. In today’s market you will find a wide variety of units that range in prices and offer features that are as diverse as the individual usage. These devices are designed to scale to any future growth.

Having a network attached storage device, or NAS, in place will enable easy access to necessary files and easily share them between the network users. There are many amazing robust, streamlined computer data storage units available that are not only affordable but are designed with convenience and style in mind.

Having the right tools available will help to create a streamlined sharing system and also accommodate continued growth with backup storage. With how vital it is to enable organizational growth, scalable technology is immensely important. Further, in the modern age of knowledge work, there are few elements quite as crucial as data backup and sharing.

All about External Hard Drives

External hard drive is an additional computer component that is becoming very popular for holding additional data, programs, user information, and even operating system. This external drive is kept outside the main computer system in its own enclosure. The external hard drive is increasing used because there has been increasing number of potential security threats to the personal information and other important data due to Internet access.

Image of a Western Digital 250Gb SATA Hard Dri... 

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The enclosure used for external hard drive is slightly larger than the hard drive and it has a cooling fan fixed with it. There are lots of advantages of having external hard disk. This constructive equipment can be used to store or back up data detached from the internal disk. Different types of information such as sensitive data, images, movies, music files, and other important documents can be stored in this external drive safely and securely. Also, external hard drives can be turned off when the computer is connected to Internet.

The main advantage is that it is portable and this storage device can be used on any computer that has firewire data cable or USB. This device are powered by the data cable and the larger units of drives requires 110AC connection and separate transformer. These hard drives are available in two formats: IDE and SATA. IDE drives are cheaper and has 40 pins connection while SATA is little expensive and are faster than IDE. There are few things that should be considered while buying this external hard drive such as capacity, usage, connection options, any bundled software, and other uses of the chosen drive.

How New Technology Has Increased our Communication

For centuries, humans have had a hard time communicating with one another. If it wasn’t a language barrier, it was the lack of an efficient mode of transferring information to one another. The alphabet and writing were the first technologies to break the space and time barrier, but without cheap and easy means of reproduction, this technology took a long time to really catch on. However, the last half of the 20th century has seen an exponential rise in the channels and speed of human communication. How have these changes affected us? Take a look below.

1) Personal Communication

Technology has greatly affected the way and manner in which we communicate with each other. Technology has shrunk time and distance to almost nothing. Today, with cell phones, we can talk to anyone at just about any time in just about any place on the globe instantaneously. And streaming technologies have made it possible to see the person we are talking to in real time. We can even watch movies, listen to music, and go to BetUS Online Casino anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

2) Business Communication

Thanks to increased technology, business can run at a much faster pace. Not only has the Internet, email, IM, and cell phone technology increased the speed and reach of our communication, it has also increased education and employee training through technology like webcasts, computer-based training, and more.

3) Educational Communication

Today, thanks to advancements in communication, anyone can study at virtually any university in the world and get a degree. Podcasts, streaming technologies, and more make it easier for everyone to get a good education thanks to technology.