Exploring Online Backup Options


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If you have ever had your computer crash, you know how important it is to have all of your documents and files backed up. These materials can include anything and everything from files to pictures and media files.

There are several different backup solutions that you can implement to help you recover your data from a potential crash. Let’s take a look at what is becoming one of the more popular solutions — online data storage.

In addition to trinsic.org, you can also check other sites such to find links to online backup sites. These sites will give you information about many low-cost, or even free sites. They will give you information on both personal and business backup options.

Research potential options completely. You will be trusting them with all of your important files, so make sure you understand all of the published terms and conditions. Read any customer feedback comments as well. You may be able to find ratings for these potential sites as well.

It is a wise idea to create a separate email address and account that will be used with this storage and back up option only. Each time you load or create a new file or document on your system, automatically send this file to your backup storage option. Make this a habit, so you can ensure that all of your files are being backed up. Check frequently to make sure that the files are loaded properly to your backup service.

Managing File Sharing

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Not too long ago, in the dark ages of computer technology, having an external hard drive to store your data was efficient. But in today’s computer world where many homes have more than one desktop and/or laptop, and where even small businesses have multiple computers, the need for file sharing technology and data storage goes beyond the needs of a single computer and the abilities of an external hard drive.

So whether you are looking to increase the data capacity for your home computing or your business, there are a great number of storage solutions available to you. Whatever your data storage need is there is a system designed to fit it. In today’s market you will find a wide variety of units that range in prices and offer features that are as diverse as the individual usage. These devices are designed to scale to any future growth.

Having a network attached storage device, or NAS, in place will enable easy access to necessary files and easily share them between the network users. There are many amazing robust, streamlined computer data storage units available that are not only affordable but are designed with convenience and style in mind.

Having the right tools available will help to create a streamlined sharing system and also accommodate continued growth with backup storage. With how vital it is to enable organizational growth, scalable technology is immensely important. Further, in the modern age of knowledge work, there are few elements quite as crucial as data backup and sharing.

The Changing Role of Data Storage

One of the biggest technological advances made in recent years has been in the realm of information storage. Ten years ago, the average computer could only hold around 5 gigabytes of information. Now this has grown exponentially, with certain computer programs taking up this much room by thmeselves. When someone wanted to move information from one computer to another they had to either use a floppy disk or a compact disk. They floppy disks did not hold much data, and the compact disks were bigger but often slow to use.

Around this time, DVD media was starting to be used by computer users as a form of data storage and transport. This was a big step forward because the DVDs could hold much more information than a floppy or compact disk could. 2002 through 2005 saw MP3’s explode. Suddenly it seemed MP3 players became a must-have item, and these were used as a form of data storage, too.

The next products that really made a big impact have been portable USB memory sticks, or thumb drives. These are small plug-in drives that can hold large amounts of data. These are particularly helpful because they can easily be plugged into different devices to share data. Current USB memory sticks can hold several gigabytes of information. These have been very useful in the business and academic world, where having the ability to transport a full presentation is especially helpful.

Technology is still rapidly changing. What we use today for information storage may not be the same thing that we use ten years from now. Computer programs and data keep getting bigger, so we will need more and more storage available to enable us to operate our computer systems. It is not unbelievable that one day we may be able to place all of the data that a current computer holds in the palm of our hand.

The Importance of Using Back-Up Services

Computers can do practically anything, and in most instances, they usually work flawlessly. Still, problems can occur. That’s why it’s important to back up information and files on a regular basis. This is sometimes referred to as data storage.

Data storage, especially when it is done on external hard drives, is one of the best ways to back up information on computers, particularly if the information is especially sensitive. And, while there are ways that individual users or companies can take care of data storage themselves, there are also companies that provide these services.

Utilizing data storage companies (or back-up services) can be a good idea for several reasons. The first one is that the data storage company will usually be located off-site or at least the storage facilities themselves will be. This adds an extra level of security. Data that is not on-site can’t be stolen if a company is burglarized or damaged by natural disasters (fire, earthquake, or inclement weather, for example).

Using back-up services may also provide companies with discounts on insurance rates–only a company’s insurance representative can say for sure. But since the data storage is occurring off-site and the company providing the back-up services would be required to carry liability insurance, it stands to reason that this could be a possibility.

Data storage is important, whether it’s done by a company or through the use of back-up services. While it is true that some information can be recovered from computers that have crashed, been damaged or destroyed, it’s a time-consuming job, and not all of the information may be accessible.

Data storage keeps your data safe from viruses and security breaches. Your sensitive information, documents, and other files are going to be protected from a wide range of problems. And, even if back-up services are used, the information is still easily accessible.